Keeping a Grateful Heart in the Most Trying Times
September 07, 2020 | by: admin

Warmest Greetings from Robinsons Hotels and Resorts!

We hope that you are safe and well. 

At times, it is how you perceive certain situations or life in general that makes the difference. It can make your day full of gratitude or it will make you feel that you're not getting your share of the pie. Let me share with you a very important lesson of Half Glass Empty or Half Glass Full. Read on.

When you look at situations half-glass empty, you will always question why is it only half? Why can't you have the full glass? When these questions come to your mind,  you tend to demand for more. Sometime​s, you will look at others and compare your glass to theirs and you will never be contented.

On the other hand, if you look at situations half-glass full, it sets you up on a different mindset. A grateful one. Every blessing that comes your way, you don't compare what you have to others but rather grateful for it. Then you will only find inner peace and happiness.

One of the most important lessons that I've learned during this crisis is to always wake up in the morning with a grateful heart.

The mere fact that your glass has water in it is already something to be thankful and grateful for. Think about it.

Have a wonderful and meaningful day and stay safe!


Reynante M. Sagun
Director of Training and Quality Assurance
Robinsons Hotels and Resorts