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dumaguete day tour

Welcome to Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People! Nestled in Negros Oriental, Dumaguete is a charming destination bursting with rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. If you’re a budget traveler seeking your next adventure, Dumaguete should be at the top of your list!

Read on as we provide a comprehensive guide to exploring the city on a budget. We have a sample itinerary for a day tour in Dumaguete covering its highlights to tips on transportation, accommodation, and dining. Discover the gems of Dumaguete without breaking the bank!

How to Get to Dumaguete

Getting to Dumaguete is relatively easy. Here are several options depending on where you’re coming from:

  • By plane: If you’re traveling from other parts of the Philippines or internationally, Sibulan Airport is your gateway. Several airlines offer flights to Dumaguete from major cities like Manila and Cebu. While planes are the fastest option, they can be more expensive, especially if not booked in advance. 

  • By ferry: Dumaguete is a port city, so it’s accessible by ferry from neighboring islands like Cebu and Bohol. Several ferry companies operate routes to and from Dumaguete Port. Ferry trips offer scenic views during the journey and can be more affordable than flying, but travel time can vary.

  • By bus: If you’re already coming from the Negros region, bus travel is a great economical option. Several bus companies provide services to Dumaguete, offering both ordinary and air-conditioned buses. However, buses are generally slower and take more circuitous routes than ferries or planes.

  • By car: This is only available if your vehicle is already in Negros or you choose to rent a car once you arrive there. Currently, no ferries allow cars to travel onboard. Having a personal vehicle can greatly extend your exploration range, offering flexibility and convenience for travelers who prefer exploring at their own pace.

General tips to save money on transportation

  1. Book tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons
  2. Opt for off-peak hours to get cheaper fares
  3. Look out for promo codes or discounts offered by transportation companies
  4. Use online booking platforms for better deals and convenience
  5. Pack light to avoid paying extra fees


Where to Stay in Dumaguete

When it comes to finding accommodation on your day trip to Dumaguete that won’t break the bank, you’ll be pleased to discover a variety of budget-friendly options ranging from cozy hostels to charming guesthouses. However, one standout choice for budget travelers is Go Hotels Dumaguete.

This budget hotel in Dumaguete offers stylish and spacious rooms with all the essentials for a comfortable stay without the hefty price tag. Situated in a convenient location, it provides easy access to Dumaguete’s many attractions, dining spots, and transportation hubs, including the biggest mall in Dumaguete, near the bus terminal, making it a quiet refuge after a long day of adventure. 

What’s more, Go Hotels Dumaguete prides itself on offering affordable rates without compromising quality, ensuring you get the most value out of your stay. With excellent service and modern amenities, it’s the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers exploring Dumaguete.

What to See in Dumaguete: A Day Tour Itinerary

A thrilling day tour through Dumaguete’s top attractions will charm solo travelers and groups alike.

1. Rizal Boulevard

rizal boulevard

Begin your day with a stroll along Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete’s iconic waterfront promenade. Lined with palm trees overlooking the sea, this spot is ideal for a scenic walk, taking photos, or relaxing on one of the benches.

Many restaurants and cafes also dot the street, perfect for a morning meal or coffee and a snack. Moreover, you can enjoy its bars and nightclubs if you’re looking for a more exciting way to end your day.

2. Silliman University

Visit the sprawling campus of Silliman University, the first American private university in the Philippines and a center for education and culture in Dumaguete. Observe its historic buildings, lush gardens, and museums. Of note is the Anthropology Museum. Admission fees are minimal but require a prior reservation.

3. Bell Church

bell church

Experience a little slice of Chinese culture at the Bell Church. Admire the intricate architecture, colorful pagodas, and serene gardens of this Taoist temple. Don’t forget to ring the bell for good luck, and remember to dress moderately when visiting religious sites.

4. Forest Camp

If you want something more in tune with nature, escape the city to Forest Camp, a serene nature resort in the mountains surrounding Dumaguete. Enjoy swimming in natural pools, ziplining through the forest, or simply relaxing in a hammock amid the tranquil surroundings. Entrance fees are affordable, and you can bring your own food for a budget-friendly picnic.

What to Eat in Dumaguete

Of course, your Dumaguete day tour isn’t complete without sampling the local culinary offerings! Here are some must-try foods for your trip:

1. Budbud Kabog

A local delicacy made from millet or kabog rice, Budbud Kabog is a sweet and sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. You can find it at the public market or enjoy it for breakfast at the popular local café Painitan, where it’s often paired with sikwate (local hot chocolate). This budget-friendly treat offers a taste of traditional Dumaguete fare.

2. Silvanas


Treat yourself to Silvanas, a popular dessert that originated from Dumaguete. These frozen cookie sandwiches are made with buttercream, meringue, and cashew nuts, creating a rich and creamy indulgence. Head to Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries to sample these delectable treats, and consider sharing a box with friends to save on costs.

3. Tempura and Balut

No local food list is complete without a hint of street foods. Visit the stalls along Rizal Boulevard at night to sample tempura and balut—an interesting combination of deep-fried seafood and the Filipino delicacy balut.


Budget-Friendly Dumaguete Delights

Dumaguete is the ideal place to visit on a budget because its many charms are not only affordable but immensely rewarding. The city offers many diverse attractions that won’t break the bank, from its rich history and vibrant culture to its breathtaking natural beauty.

Now is the perfect time to plan your trip to Dumaguete and experience the City of Gentle People for yourself. And when it comes to accommodations, look no further than Go Hotels! We provide the perfect home base for your Dumaguete adventure.

Don’t miss out on exclusive promos and packages. Book your stay at Go Hotels Dumaguete now to secure the best rate! Visit our contact page for more information and start planning your budget-friendly getaway in Dumaguete or any of our other affordable hotels in the Philippines.